Banksy art work shreds itself after being sold for £1M Pounds


The famous Banksy ‘Balloon Girl’ artwork by the mysterious street artist Banksy, self-destructed in front of astonished auction-goers on Saturday afternoon, moments after being sold for 1.04 million pounds ($1.2 million US).

“Girl with Balloon,” which displays a small girl reaching up towards a red heart-shaped balloon, was originally stenciled on a wall in London, UK, and has been reproduced several times, becoming one of the most famous Banksy artworks.

Banksy claimed the dramatic stunt had been years in the making he exclaimed in an Instagram post this afternoon.

The art piece was sold for three times its pre-sale estimate and calculated a record price for the Banksy.

All of a sudden, an alarm blared out as it ran through a shredder in the frame which was elusively placed by Banksy years ago, leaving half the canvas hanging from the bottom in shredded ruins.

A post on Banksy’s official Instagram account displayed the theatrics on video – with the caption “Going, going, gone…”

Banksy art work shreds itself after being sold for £1M Pounds

It appears we just got Banksy-ed,” said Alex Branczik, head of contemporary European art at Sotheby’s.

Sotheby’s said it was “in discussion about next steps” with the duped buyer, whose identity was not revealed. Art enthusiasts say the work could be worth even more in its shredded state.”

“We have not experienced this situation in the past, where a painting spontaneously shredded, upon achieving a record for the artist,” said Branczik.

“We are busily figuring out what this means in an auction context.” he exclaimed.

Banksy art work shreds itself after being sold for £1M Pounds

Koukjian, who has met Banksy, said he was sure he caught a glimpse of the artist in the saleroom amid the confusion of the moment.

Pierre Koukjian, called Banksy’s prank “a turning point in the history of contemporary and conceptual art.”

“What he did is really shocking, in a good way,” Koukjian said.

“I think it will be historic and people will talk for a long time about it.”

However, this was not the first time the anonymous artist had deconstructed his own work.

In 2005, Banksy hung an image of an ancient human holding a spear whilst pushing a shopping cart in the British Museum, where it remained for several days before being noticed.

The next year he smuggled a life-sized mannequin of a Guantanamo Bay POW into Disneyland, Moreover, 2015 Banksy super-imposed a replica of a dystopian theme park – called “Dismaland” – by the seaside in Britain.