‘Who is the artist behind this thought-provoking artwork?’

Turns out it’s an underground graffiti artist from Bristol, named Banksy. The name Banksy might have just landed on the map recently, however his artwork has been sparking political debate for years.

Banksy started his career in Bristol back in the early 1990s. By the 2000s, this anonymous artist had gone global with the Balloon Girl. He has a distinct style and his artwork can be recognized across the world including, England, America, Bethlehem, Jamaica, Canada, Australia, and the list goes on.

We’ve all seen the touching piece of art dubbed ‘Balloon Girl’. An image of a balloon shaped like a heart escaping the grasp of a little girl with the caption ‘The is always hope’. The image had people pondering about who created such a wondrous, yet rebellious piece of artwork?

Who is the Anonymous Artist Banksy?

Despite having a verified Instagram account as of 2013, as well as his artwork being prominently displayed on exhibitions, the graffiti artist leaves his masterpieces in many popular public places. This falls in character with Banksy’s anti-consumer narrative, making commoditization of his work difficult.

Even now, people argue about the ownership of his artwork. Some people even go to great lengths such as removing walls with his artwork, in order to sell it.

Who is the Artist Banksy

It’s said that Banksy was inspired by graffiti artist 3D, a founding member of the musical group Massive Attack. However BBC reported that the anonymous artist is actually inspired by French graffiti artist Blek le Rat. They even share the same stencil style.

Who is the Banksy

Stirring social commentary and calling out politically motivated injustice is another thing both artists have in common.

Over the years the Banksy’s artwork has evolved from tongue in cheek messages to more political commentary. Artwork like One Nation Under CCTV, Free Zehra Dogan, The Son of a Migrant From Syria, etc even earned him opposition, dubbing the artist a vandal.

Who is Banksy?

Perhaps that is also one of the reasons the artist wishes to remain anonymous. Ensuring he has the discretion to keep creating the unique art we have all come to love.